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Wonder Woman – Film Review

I've waited a long time to finally have a female-leading DC/Marvel film. I am glad they decided to do the origin films of the Justice League (If you haven't seen Wonder Woman yet, be sure to pay attention for the Justice League movie trailer-- OR check out the trailer linked below). There's nothing for me… Continue reading Wonder Woman – Film Review

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Must-See Trailers for 2017

It seems that 2017 is the year for reboots and continuations of sagas in film. On my day off, I was perusing the IMDb website checking out the films that will be coming out this year. Some I hadn't even seen yet during the previews in the theaters. I thought, "why not share some of… Continue reading Must-See Trailers for 2017

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Beauty and the Beast – Film Review

  The stories you have seen about the direction of the live-action screenplay of Beauty and the Beast, while some show how great this film is, others turn it into negativity. I would like to start off by stating that this film was FANTASTIC. Yes, it followed the Disney animated film that was released in… Continue reading Beauty and the Beast – Film Review

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Best Of…2016

It's here, guys. The end of 2016. For film, writing, and television, it's been a bumpy road. With the loss of such iconic stars in our lives, we try to start another year fresh, in hopes that 2017 does not take as many creative people. This post, I thought I would kind of recap what… Continue reading Best Of…2016

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“Moana” Film Review

Before I touch on the film, can I get a "show of hands" how many of the readers were as excited as I was for this to finally be released? My family and I are addicted to the tropical paradise that is the Hawaiian Islands, so we felt it was mandatory that we needed to… Continue reading “Moana” Film Review

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“Ghostbusters”(2016) Review

I was very hesitant on seeing the reboot of the classic 1980's film Ghostbusters, written by the late Harold Ramis. In my opinion, I thought that the remake was going to just ruin the fan base of the original films, and that I was not going to see this to find out. Well, a friend… Continue reading “Ghostbusters”(2016) Review

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“The Secret Life of Pets” Review

What can I say about this film? That it fits all ages? Dog lover/cat lover equality? Must see? There's always the debate of which is better: cats or dogs? Well, in The Secret Life of Pets, I think that the creators lean more towards the dogs. I love how in the film, the characters stay… Continue reading “The Secret Life of Pets” Review