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Best Of…2016

It's here, guys. The end of 2016. For film, writing, and television, it's been a bumpy road. With the loss of such iconic stars in our lives, we try to start another year fresh, in hopes that 2017 does not take as many creative people. This post, I thought I would kind of recap what… Continue reading Best Of…2016

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Why Him? – Movie Review

  If you are looking for a different kind of movie this holiday season, check out Why Him? James Franco plays a young millionaire, Laird Mayhew, who tries to win over his girlfriend's father, Ned Fleming, played by Bryan Cranston. This comedy is hilarious. Of course, most of what Franco is in is pretty funny.… Continue reading Why Him? – Movie Review

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Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munn, and T.J. Miller are cast in one of the best Christmas season comedies I have seen! Office Christmas Party is about branch in Chicago that is threatened by the CEO to be shut down, but if they can score a deal with a big client, the employees are saved… Continue reading OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY – Review

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Netflix Offline Streaming

If you already have an account with Netflix, then you saw the email that was sent out today saying that you can now STREAM OFFLINE. Yes, you saw that right. Parents- raise your Kindles, iPads, and smartphones into the air. Your kids won't be racking up the data on your devices while on the road… Continue reading Netflix Offline Streaming

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“Moana” Film Review

Before I touch on the film, can I get a "show of hands" how many of the readers were as excited as I was for this to finally be released? My family and I are addicted to the tropical paradise that is the Hawaiian Islands, so we felt it was mandatory that we needed to… Continue reading “Moana” Film Review


10 Christmas Movies to Watch Every Season

As just about every family has during the Christmas season, is a tradition. They watch movies, bake certain goodies, and celebrate the holiday a certain way. In my family, we have always made it a point to watch Christmas movies throughout the month of December, leading up to the 25th. It got me thinking of… Continue reading 10 Christmas Movies to Watch Every Season

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“Wicked”: From Pages, To the Stage, & the Big Screen

Based on a novel, Wicked: The Untold Story of the Witches of Oz, publish in 1995 by Gregory Maguire, tells the story of how the Witches of Oz became who they are from the 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. The story follows Elphaba and G(a)linda through their school days and up to when Dorothy… Continue reading “Wicked”: From Pages, To the Stage, & the Big Screen

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“The Girl on the Train” Novel/Film Review

I feel like this is a topic that has had so many reviews or posts in the last 3 months leading up to the movie premiere. For the record, I've had this post saved as a draft until I not only finished the book, but went to see the movie. If you have not seen… Continue reading “The Girl on the Train” Novel/Film Review

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“Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard Review

  This novel is the first installment of a series written by Victoria Aveyard. It starts off following a young girl by the name of Mare. She has reached the age of 16 in a dystopian town, made up of Reds and Silvers (categorized by blood color), where she must either find a job or be sent to the… Continue reading “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard Review

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Top 5 Halloween Film Faves

October is quickly approaching, and you know what that means...SCARY MOVIES! I love anything horror, so I thought of my Top 5 Halloween movies that you can either think "Oh my gosh, no way in the world am I watching this," or, "YES!" 1. The Exorcist (1973) Linda Blair stars as young Reagan who is… Continue reading Top 5 Halloween Film Faves