About The Site, About The Writer

I’d like to begin by stating that this is not like the other sites or blogs where someone digs way too deep into the motions of film, books, and television shows. I am a Communications graduate, and yes, I did take a Film class, but I am not going to sit here and tell you the meanings or the political aspects of a film or show.

This is more of a place where we, as fans, can discuss an episode or the shocking news of what is going on in the world of entertainment and how we feel about a novel. Think of it as a community.


If you want to know about me. I’m a 24-year-old Communications graduate in the Midwest. Finished college with honors and did internships writing for my university and doing campus projects. One thing that has always stuck out to me is writing. So I thought to myself, why not write about things I love or enjoy? Well, I figured there would be a lot more to talk about in entertainment than in cosmetics, so here I am.

The Basic Critic.

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