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“The Alienist” – TNT Miniseries & Caleb Carr Novel – Review



In honor of Netflix UK releasing the miniseries, The Alienist, I only felt it was necessary to share my review of both the novel and the series.

Dr. Laszlo Kreizler is an alienist, a psychologist who uses his theories on the relationship of criminal behavior and mental illness, which has allowed him to become key to helping solve crime and murder in 19th century New York.  With working with the law enforcement system, he is not always met with people who like how he works.

The Alienist follows Kreizler through a string of murders, with victims being young boys.  Kreizler enlists the help of his friend John Moore, a crime reporter, Sara Howard, the first woman to be hired by the police department, and Marcus and Lucius Isaacson, whom are sibling detectives.

After reading the novel,  it is definitely well written and keeps you not only on your toes, but informed in details around psychology, law enforcement and the mind of a murderer.  Some parts are hard to stick with, as you will find in almost any book.

The way I kept up with the miniseries and the novel, is I started the book far enough in advance to where I could also read ahead of the miniseries.  I felt that for theatrics, some parts of the novel were shown in the series before they would have been addressed in the novel- which I understand.

Now, I want to dive in to the amazing cast that TNT had chosen in creating this novel to take to the screen.  Daniel Bruhl (Inglorious Basterds; 7 Days in Entebbe), a German-Spanish actor, encapsulates Dr. Laszlo Kriezler. An amazing portrayal of what I pictured Kriezler to me.  Luke Evans (Beauty and the Beast; Dracula Untold), who plays John Moore, another great choice to add to the cast, and lastly, Dakota Fanning (Uptown Girls; Push), who, in my opinion, I personally would not have picked, but as the series continued on, began to grow on me. The way they all played off of each other, I was thoroughly impressed.  Very well done.

Finally, I would recommend both the novel and the miniseries as something that is a “must read” and “must watch.”  I am sure I could watch or reread either of these and notice things that I didn’t notice at first touch.

Rating: 5/5


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