“The Couple Next Door” – Book Review

The Couple Next Door is a debut novel for author Shari Lapena.

Anne and Marco Conti seem to have the perfect marriage and the perfect little family. This all is about to change when the new parents go next door to a dinner party, leaving their infant at home alone in her crib. Once returning from the dinner party, they discover their daughter is missing. Who took her? Are there any signs of a break-in?

Detective Rasbach comes to the scene expecting the worst. Are these parents hiding something? He senses this as soon as he speaks to the disheveled couple.

Secrets are unleashed in this page-turning novel.

Once I finished the novel, I was shocked. I thought I had figured out what the outcome would be, but I was wrong. I have read better novels that were better than this one, but this is pretty good. Goodreads reviews show a different rating, but to each their own.

It is definitely a book I recommend to those who like this type of genre.

An innocent dinner party. A child gone missing. A family’s secret. Check it out.

Basic Rating: 4/5




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