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Actors From My Home State

Sorry for the lack in blog posts lately! I recently moved, and have not had Internet until last week. Oops!

Thought I’d change posts up this time and highlight some of the actors/actresses that hail from the state I am from– Illinois. I debated if I wanted to turn this in to a “tag,” and like pick the top 5, but we will see where this takes us, right? After doing some Google searching and checking out iMDB, I found my five.

Here we go.

  1. Harrison Ford (Chicago)
    Known as Indiana Jones and even more popularly known as Han Solo, Harrison Ford has been in numerous Hollywood films in leading roles. His first acting role was in 1966 on Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round.
  2. Jennifer Hudson (Chicago)
    Jennifer Hudson won over America’s hearts in 2004 as a contestant on American Idol. Her beautiful voice put her on the path to Hollywood, where she was cast in the 2006 film, Dreamgirls, where she won an Oscar and a Golden Globe. Since then, Hudson has also been in productions of The Secret Life of Bees and the Sex and the City film.
  3. Peter Sarsgaard (Scott AFB/Belleville)
    A college graduate from the St. Louis area, Sarsgaard goes for the supporting roles in films. Making his debut in 1995, where he was cast in Dead Man Walking by Tim Robbins, he eventually began to pick up slightly larger roles. The most recent film he has been in is The Magnificent Seven, alongside Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt.
  4. Betty White (Oak Park)
    Comedienne, Betty White. Who doesn’t know who she is? Starting off in show-business on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, all Betty could do was go up. Golden Girls, supporting roles in films, and not to mention a fantastic sense of humor.
  5. Charlton Heston (Wilmette)
    Charlton Heston is one of the classic film greats. From Ben-Hur, to Planet of the Apes, to The Ten Commandments, what hasn’t this brilliant actor done? Since his passing in 2008, the films he has been in continue to be cherished and recognized.

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