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All the Missing Girls – Book Review

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All the Missing Girls is the read for you if you are intrigued by the writing of The Girl on the Train. Filled with suspense and murder, Megan Miranda takes you on an adventure through a small town where character, Nicolette Farrell, has to come back to to fix up her childhood home whilst her ailing father is in a supported living home. Murder also follows her back to the town that she longed to get away from.

The story-line is one that is quite unique, as Miranda chronicles the murder(s) backwards. While this is a great idea to work with, the reader sort of has to keep track of what has already happened prior to the next chapter they get to. Nonetheless, it’s a great style of writing that I would not have thought about for a murder/mystery genre novel.

The investigations take hold of Nicolette and her brother, Daniel, high school boyfriend Tyler, and classmate, Jordan. The novel follows them all within a 15-day span of investigation, rumor, and former loves.

One thing that stands out to me in the writing is just how much of a shock each chapter holds. It makes you want to keep reading- keep going forward (or backward).

Megan Miranda also has written another novel called The Perfect Stranger, but All the Missing Girls is her debut novel. I plan on picking up her second book once I get through all the other books I have yet to open up.

Have you read this?

What are your thoughts?


Basic Critic Rating: 5/5



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