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Jason Bateman, Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Munn, and T.J. Miller are cast in one of the best Christmas season comedies I have seen!

Office Christmas Party is about branch in Chicago that is threatened by the CEO to be shut down, but if they can score a deal with a big client, the employees are saved from losing their jobs.

With a cast of familiar faces from Saturday Night Live and other sitcoms on network television, the energy of everything comedy is seen in this film. The humor is to be expected as from the outtakes during the credits of the film, a lot of the actors did improv as part of their lines. Which makes this all the better. For whatever reason, I feel that films that allow improvisation to their scripts make the best comedy. The completely random humor makes it not only shocking, but just out of this world hilarious.

I thoroughly enjoyed how a lot of the actors had previously worked with one another on different projects, showing the nice, comfortable flow of chemistry on-screen.

Should you see the movie? YES. Bring the kids?

Mmmm, probably not a good idea. Unless they’re 17 or older, of course!

The Basic Critic rating: 5/5



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