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Netflix Offline Streaming


If you already have an account with Netflix, then you saw the email that was sent out today saying that you can now STREAM OFFLINE.

Yes, you saw that right. Parents- raise your Kindles, iPads, and smartphones into the air. Your kids won’t be racking up the data on your devices while on the road or anywhere else you use Netflix to entertain the kiddos. Show bingers- you can now save money by downloading the content and not having to sit it one place to get your fix.

Netflix added this little “download” icon next to the episodes in its queue. Tap that little thing, and voila! Just make sure you update the app first.

While most of the content that is available for download are Netflix produced, they are gradually working on adding more content from other companies.

Now I haven’t downloaded anything yet, as this is a new feature, so I can’t say anything else about it.

What do you think of this new feature? Good? Bad? Have enough space on your device to get your binge on??


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