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“Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard Review



This novel is the first installment of a series written by Victoria Aveyard. It starts off following a young girl by the name of Mare. She has reached the age of 16 in a dystopian town, made up of Reds and Silvers (categorized by blood color), where she must either find a job or be sent to the front lines of war. Mare tries to find a way to avoid being sent to war, and meets a woman named Farley. Farley is a leader of a secret group called the Scarlet Guard, whose mission is to end the “rule” of the Silvers. She lands a job in the Silvers’ world, while along the way, she discovers more than she knows not only of herself, but what is behind the walls she once lived outside of.

Starting off, it took me a while to get in to the storyline. There was a point where I was tempted to just close the cover and find another novel to read. I kept pushing through, telling myself that it will get better. Well, it did and it didn’t. I continued reading, but it started to feel like I was reading a different version of The Hunger Games, with a dash of Twilight (minus the vampires and werewolves), mixed with a little bit of 1984. Mind you, I love reading those books and in no way do I mean I am bashing them; I just felt like the author sort of jammed popular novels into her own writing.

While I am currently finishing up another book that is not pertaining to this series, I contemplate whether or not to pick up the other installments of Aveyard’s work. I keep hopping back and forth as to if it is worth the $13 each book seems to be. I also don’t want to purchase it on Kindle/Nook when I have the first book in paper copy. I’m weird like that. I have to have a full series in all the same format.

In a nutshell, for the rating of Red Queen, I would give it a 3/5.

My questions to you:
Have you read the entire series? How did you like/dislike it?


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