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My Feelings on Finally Seeing “Finding Dory”


Thirteen years later, I have finally been able to relive one of my favorite Disney movies: Finding Dory.

While no youngsters were hurt in the rush of me getting to the theater, I can’t wait to see how it is going to look once the new Toy Story film comes out in the next couple of years!

You guys….it was AWESOME. If you haven’t seen it already, please do! The humor, the storyline, everything. The “supporting” characters in this movie were probably the best– maybe even better than the ones in Finding Nemo. Legit.

If you have seen the movie, can we please talk about the sea lions? Especially Gerald! He needs his own Pixar film or short. Something!

One thing that really stuck out to me, is the acceptance of those with disabilities or insecurities. Dory, with her short-term memory loss. Destiny and her vision problem. It’s something that I didn’t notice in Finding Nemo.

How did you like it? Better than the first?


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