Penny Dreadful – “The End”



SHOWTIME aired the series finale of Penny Dreadful on Sunday, June 19, 2016, after a three-season run. Now, I myself, as a fan, had no idea this was happening until the next day. My first reaction was that this is not the first time that this movie channel has let me down (I was addicted to watching The Borgias and it got canceled in the middle of it all).

The question I asked myself was “Is this all going to tie everything in the show together, or am I going to be disappointed yet again?”

Well, that assumption is to each their own, but I was quite happy with the way they ended everything. I won’t go into too much detail for those of you who have not had time to see it around the world, but I will admit I teared up. It was a bittersweet moment for me seeing everything play out and growing so attached to characters.

I blame SHOWTIME for ending the series. In the meantime, I am hoping the writers come up with another deal with SHOWTIME, or another channel, with a similar series in that type of genre.

Eva Green’s acting was superb in her role as Vanessa Ives; always keeping us viewers sitting on the edge of our seats. Timothy Dalton, a former James Bond, was amazing as well portraying Sir Malcolm. Josh Hartnett, who I don’t believe I have seen in much the last few years, plays the mysterious Ethan Chandler.

Penny Dreadful is based off of literature’s most haunting creatures in a new narrative. If you are interested in the realm of superstitions, classic horror literature, or an addict of drama and suspense, I recommend this series to you. It will not let you down.


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